Wednesday, 11th Oct. 

The night has brought a lot of rain and it does not stop till after noon. So instead of taking the bikes we ask the kid’s grandad to give us a lift. He happily does. And the school has opened the doors to the hall so that the kids won’t get wet waiting in line. Overall it is a much better start into the day. 

In the afternoon the boy can proudly present three stars on his reward chart. That’s as good as it gets. Unfortunately on the way home he decides that he has been good for long enough. At some point he just stops dead and won’t go any further. I let him sulk and keep walking with the girls and our friends. Once the distance has grown to big he has a change of heart and comes running after us. We get through the rest of the afternoon without any major incident. The kids show beautiful table manners and both deserve themselves a treat. 

Usually the parents would come home shortly after the kids have eaten their dinner. Not today. And so I put the kids in the shower and get them ready for bed. When the parents finally arrive they don’t stay for very long, chaos breaks out and the boy throws a tantrum. It’s a parents information evening concerning the girl’s Holy Communion. Why they both need to go I do not know. But alright, I will mind the kids. They leave just after having send the crying boy to his bed for acting up. If they stayed home they’d let him out of bed again in no time. But because they are leaving I have to deal with the situation. I calm him down and explain that it is his bedtime now. I send him to the bathroom and offer a story. While I read the girl waits patiently in the living room. She gets a story of her own and her brother is already deep asleep when I tuck her in. By the time the parents return the girl has gone to sleep as well. 

It’s been a long day for …

Your very own MaryFreakinP 


Tuesday 10th Oct. – What a day …

The morning starts like most others. On our cycle to school the boy isn’t the best behaved. I can’t say that I’m surprised. But it is too early still to write him off yet. He might just turn around. 

On the way home I get a puncture. Great! Push the bike back home it is then. Luckily I’m halfway there.

When I arrive back home I realise that something is wrong with the washing machine. Marvellous! A broken washing machine is just what I needed. 

Because I can’t use my bike I skate up to the school. And … nearly get run over by a car. This is the third time in two weeks. It’s always at the same crossing. I wait for the green light, but can’t trust that cars will stop for their red light. Today a reflex look to the right and a jump back saved my life. I am very annoyed though. Enough is enough. It’s time to make a change! 

The boy doesn’t look too happy coming out of school. An explanation is quickly found. He only got one star on his reward chart. He wasn’t listening very well and fighting with other kids. Definitely not good news. And his behaviour doesn’t get any better for the rest of the day. 

We decide to spend the hour waiting close to the café. Staying outside is always better for the boys, cause at least then they can run. But sure enough one of the ladies comes out to tell us that we can’t stay there because the kids aren’t allowed to play there. It’s ridiculous. 

On the way home the girl’s bike chain comes down again. What’s next? I half expect to burn my hand or cut my finger while making the dinner. But no, we make it through the day without any further occurrences. 

Guess who’s ready for a new day? 

Your very own MaryFreakinP 

Monday, 9th Oct. – Evening

The afternoon goes by quick. Pick up the boy, wait in the café, spill coffee all over the place and then go and pick up the girl. The way home leads us through Jurassic Park. I let the kids do some yoga before their homework. They do their homework without complaints. We make it through dinner time without any problems. And just before the parents come home the boy decides to turn the switch. I assume he is tired, but the way he talks to me and his sister is still not ok. I have a talk with him to remind him how important it is to speak to others kindly. Later in the day he forgets all about it. His parents are shocked about hearing him talk to me in that fashion. The parents have my back as I correct him. They tell him off for his behaviour towards not just me now, but them as well. I am surprised. They usually don’t correct him when he talks to them disrespectfully. Which is also why it is a reccuring problem. If his parents don’t demand to be spoken to in a friendly manner why would he do others the favour? 

I will need to speak to them about this again. 

At 8:25 I realise how late it already is. Nobody seems to have mentioned bedtime yet. The kids are both still up. Come tomorrow they will be knackered. Isn’t that going to be fun … 

Your very own MaryFreakinP 

Monday, 9th Oct. – Morning

It is still dark when I wake up. Another reminder that autumn has come. The sky is cloudy, but my weather app tells me that it will stay dry. Not that I could trust that prognosis, but my feeling tells me that it should be fine. The kids and I will therefore cycle to school. I don’t mind getting wet on the way home. As soon as we get home we can all change into dry clothes. But if it rains on the way to school the kids will be sitting in school with wet clothes. And that should better be avoided. However this makes very little difference to our morning routine. I always have the kids ready around the same time. 

This morning the kids are especially quick. Till the moment the girl realises her mam hasn’t hung out her school cardigan and instead given her her brother’s jumper. I go and check her wardrobe, but can’t find it. I check the washing and it is indeed in the washing machine. I know that it went into the laundry bag on Friday evening. I sat right on top. Ready to go in with the next washing. How did her parents not wash it till Sunday evening? 

I have very little hope that it could be dry on time and I therefore fetch a different cardigan. The one that her mother hasn’t bothered sewing the school crest on. That should’ve happened weeks ago. But alright. 

On the cycle to school the boy decides that we are heading for India. He especially loves crossing the ocean and the two of them pretend that sharks are biting their feet. Once at our destination I announce that we aren’t in India at all, but in America. Quite like Columbus. The girl tells me that the Natives don’t want us here and we have a little chat about it. 

The teachers arrive, the kids walk in and I head back home. To finally have a cup of tea and some breakfast. 

Sunday, 8th Oct. – Evening

The parents are going out this evening. Therefor it falls upon me to get the kids ready for bed and tuck them in. No tears of the boy when his mam and dad leave him behind. This isn’t always the case. On many occasions he has sobbingly begged his mother to stay. Once they’re gone he will return to his usual happy self though. But not tonight. Tonight boy and girl are fine. 

They don’t argue with me when I ask them to change into their pyjamas. They also don’t argue over brushing their teeth and going to bed. Five minutes after having tucked them in they are asleep. 

Bedtime is no problem for … 

Your very own MaryFreakinP 

Sunday, 8th Oct. – Morning 

I wake up early, but not because of any noise from the kids. I can hear them being awake and to my surprise their mother is up too. From what I can tell she is baking skones and the kids are watching “Hocus Pocus”. Dad seems to be enjoying a lie in. Everything is peaceful and just to this nanny’s liking. 

After the quiet morning the family is now getting ready for a day out. And with my third massive cup of tea and “The Cuckoo’s Calling” I’m looking forward to a relaxing afternoon. 

So far I’m loving this Sunday! 

Your very own MaryFreakinP 

Saturday, 7th Oct.

On weekends I’m off. As off as you can be as a live- in nanny. I’d like to sleep in, but not in this house. The kids are up early and they do not like to be quiet. Very often they will start fighting. There will be a lot of shouting. Their parents won’t bother getting up and only add their voices to the shouting. And I will be laying in my bed feeling annoyed, refusing to get up and do the parents’ job. Once the parents do get up the whole scene becomes even chaotic than before. The kids are supposed to quickly eat the breakfasts that they have asked for hours ago and then get ready for their sports. The kids aren’t having it though and almost every time one or the other will start a fight with their parents. More shouting is guaranteed. I do not like this atmosphere at all and shut myself away from it till they’re all gone. 

It is not one of those days though. The kids aren’t too loud and there are no fights. This is a rare treat and I actually manage to sleep in a little. Admittedly I still enjoy the quiet once everyone has gone. 

Father and son arrive back and I finally find out what happened the last night. Apparently the boy had sleepwalked into the living room, pulled down his pants and then peed at the dinner table. His father had then stripped him of his wet pants which the boy simply slept through. He only woke up when his father started washing his hands. The boy was not happy about that at all. The argument they then had was what I had heard. 

As the boy cannot remember any of this he isn’t too pleased hearing his father tell me this tale. He only cheers up when his father proceeds to telling us similar stories about himself. 

A little while later mother and daughter arrive back home. I am reading in my room, but can hear them coming in. Not long after a knock on the door announces the girl. She has come to tell me that her mother would like me for a favour. Thinking that I might as well use this opportunity to make another cup of tea I meet her mother in the kitchen. The mother tells me that she needs to head out for the weekly shopping and that her husband needs to go out as well, but that both kids don’t want to go with either of them, would I mind to watch them for a bit. There you go people …. a live-in nanny is never truly off. 

The kids and I spend a relaxing time together watching one of the movies on our Halloween list. Once the parents get back it becomes more chaotic again. 

In the late afternoon I can hear the girl having a meltdown in her room, calling her father names and crying horribly. All this over tiding up her room I figure out. As it seems we’re getting belated Saturday-shouting, for the girl and her father both. Her mother goes to pick up the pieces. Correction or consequence for her behaviour she will not have to face. When I see her for dinner her eyes are still red from crying. 

The day is coming to an end. Kids and parents have snuggled up together on the sofa for a TV evening. It is getting late for the kids, but so far the scene can be called peaceful. I will not join them as I want to give them a little enjoyable family time for themselves and as I am busy writing these lines for you. 
Your very own MaryFreakinP