Saturday, 7th Oct.

On weekends I’m off. As off as you can be as a live- in nanny. I’d like to sleep in, but not in this house. The kids are up early and they do not like to be quiet. Very often they will start fighting. There will be a lot of shouting. Their parents won’t bother getting up and only add their voices to the shouting. And I will be laying in my bed feeling annoyed, refusing to get up and do the parents’ job. Once the parents do get up the whole scene becomes even chaotic than before. The kids are supposed to quickly eat the breakfasts that they have asked for hours ago and then get ready for their sports. The kids aren’t having it though and almost every time one or the other will start a fight with their parents. More shouting is guaranteed. I do not like this atmosphere at all and shut myself away from it till they’re all gone. 

It is not one of those days though. The kids aren’t too loud and there are no fights. This is a rare treat and I actually manage to sleep in a little. Admittedly I still enjoy the quiet once everyone has gone. 

Father and son arrive back and I finally find out what happened the last night. Apparently the boy had sleepwalked into the living room, pulled down his pants and then peed at the dinner table. His father had then stripped him of his wet pants which the boy simply slept through. He only woke up when his father started washing his hands. The boy was not happy about that at all. The argument they then had was what I had heard. 

As the boy cannot remember any of this he isn’t too pleased hearing his father tell me this tale. He only cheers up when his father proceeds to telling us similar stories about himself. 

A little while later mother and daughter arrive back home. I am reading in my room, but can hear them coming in. Not long after a knock on the door announces the girl. She has come to tell me that her mother would like me for a favour. Thinking that I might as well use this opportunity to make another cup of tea I meet her mother in the kitchen. The mother tells me that she needs to head out for the weekly shopping and that her husband needs to go out as well, but that both kids don’t want to go with either of them, would I mind to watch them for a bit. There you go people …. a live-in nanny is never truly off. 

The kids and I spend a relaxing time together watching one of the movies on our Halloween list. Once the parents get back it becomes more chaotic again. 

In the late afternoon I can hear the girl having a meltdown in her room, calling her father names and crying horribly. All this over tiding up her room I figure out. As it seems we’re getting belated Saturday-shouting, for the girl and her father both. Her mother goes to pick up the pieces. Correction or consequence for her behaviour she will not have to face. When I see her for dinner her eyes are still red from crying. 

The day is coming to an end. Kids and parents have snuggled up together on the sofa for a TV evening. It is getting late for the kids, but so far the scene can be called peaceful. I will not join them as I want to give them a little enjoyable family time for themselves and as I am busy writing these lines for you. 
Your very own MaryFreakinP


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